California Controversial Death Penalty Case

A gavel and a name plate with the engraving Death PenaltyThis subject matter of this article is should force every American citizen to confront certain truths about our justice system.

Read the article: “End to California Execution Moratorum Raises Controversial Death Penalty case.”

1) What do we do now? The system seems to have exhausted and is left with only one conclusion. Absent intervention from the governor of the state of California, Mr. Cooper will be executed. Perhaps this is the lawful remedy as it seems every form of appeal and motion has been adjudicated. The issue is what do we do when all legal procedures have been exhausted and the public now has doubt as to this man’s guilt?

2) Perhaps the hidden issue is what should and will happen to those who committed misconduct in Mr. Cooper’s case thereby creating this mess. If all procedures had been followed correctly Mr. Cooper would either be set to die with little or no doubt as to his guilt, found not guilty of the charges and left to serve the sentences on whatever cases he had remaining, or perhaps exonerated and not charged at all with the death of innocent people. Certainly there would be less questions.
The errors are numerous and with them follow questions and suspicions. Why did the police destroy and not test the bloody overalls turned over to them by the wife of a convicted murder? Why did the prosecution present evidence of a bloody footprint put there by inmate only jail shoes when they were informed by the warden the jail didn’t have special shoes for inmates and why wasn’t the defense informed of the wardens statements?

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