LAPD Case About Rapist Officers

SIMI VALLEY, CA/USA - JANUARY 23, 2016: Los Angeles police department squad car logo and emblem.

I do not envy the Deputy District Attorney charged with prosecuting this case. It’s a catch 22. If he or she loses the case, as police prosecutions are notoriously difficult to prosecute the public will believe he or she is a terrible prosecutor. If they choose not to prosecute the public claims corruption. Both of the public responses are accurate and inaccurate, but that’s not the real question this prosecution brings up.

The question is “how did this happen?”. Officers are supposed to be psychologically tested and closely supervised. How is the following possible

1) The LAPD has two rapists wearing the badge

2) The two rapists found each other. The odds of two rapists finding each other in a huge police department are astronomical if they are in fact the only two rapists.

3) Two rapists could feel comfortable enough with being rapist cops that they would speak openly about it and team up.
If the prosecution is correct.

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